How to Connect your GS3 to the Mobile App:

July 31, 2022

The La Marzocco Home Mobile App connects the home machine and the home barista in ways never before possible. When using the app, the phone becomes a new display for the machine.

This display makes it easier and more intuitive to adjust the machines parameters such as temperature and pre-brewing. Moreover, thanks to the app, the smartphone can be used as a remote control for the machine.

For both the Linea Mini and the Gs3 the app features, in local connection, the possibility to schedule weekly On/Off times and, in remote connection, the possibility of turning it On and switching it Off. Thanks to these features, the machine will always be hot and ready, whenever, without wasting energy or time. The Mobile App’s control panel for the Linea Mini and Gs3 gives the user a real-time feedback over use. When you are not brewing coffee with the app it is also possible to read news about the world and community of La Marzocco Home, watch tutorials on how to use La Marzocco Home products, and read FAQs to help you brew the best coffee possible. Lastly, with its internet connection, it will now be possible to benefit from new and exciting updates, as we add new app functions in the future.

Using the app, home baristas will have the ability to engage with a variety of features on their machine, including:

– Remote ability to turn the machine on or off
– Creation of an on/off schedule
– Boiler temperature status and control
– Enabling and setting pre-brewing on/off times
– Machine Stats & Total Shot Counter
– Setting of auto-volumetrics on the GS3 by number of “pulses”

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