Bellman CX-25 Stove Top Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

AED950 Incl. tax
Product Info:

Stainless steel Espresso/Cappuccino maker. This compact unit is fully portable. Made of 18/10 S/S and Bakelite handles. Adjusts to brew 3, 6 or 9 cups of coffee. Separate controls for cappuccino. 8″ high. Gift box. great camping item.

Product Details:

With the Bellman Espresso & Steamer CX 25P, you’ll never be more than a few simple steps away from rich and delicious espresso and steamed milk. Create espresso and steamed milk that will rival your favorite local cafe – all with the heat of your stove. This espresso maker brews espresso that’s akin to the stove top espresso you could get from a moka pot. It’s intense, it’s topped with crema, and it’s great alone or paired with milk.

Brew anywhere from 3-9 cofffees and serve the whole crew. The attached pressure gauge lets you know exactly when enough pressure is built up to brew a balanced shot. It also tells you just the right moment to stop brewing. The cafe-style steam wand is designed to rival commercial espresso machines. With it, you’ll be able to create that creamy, silky steamed milk you love in cappuccinos and flat whites.

Bellman Brewing Instructions:
  1. Add water to the reservoir for your desired yield.
  2. Add ground coffee using one of the pre-measured scoops based on your desired yield.
  3. Place the Bellman Espresso & Steamer CX 25P on high heat.
  4. Just before the gauge reads green, let the espresso fall into a mug and maintain the pressure at the start of the green zone until you have poured the espresso.
  5. Remove from heat if need.
  6. Place the unit back on heat until the gauge reads near the top of the green zone, and use the steam wand to froth milk in a jug.
  7. Add steamed, frothed milk to your espresso and enjoy!


Operating Tip:

Do not operate the unit at excessive pressures. The safety release valve should not be used as an indication that the unit is ready to steam. This espresso maker and steamer works with induction (top must be suitable for 304 grade stainless), gas, and electric stovetops. If you find yourself camping, it’ll work over a fire as well, making delicious campsite coffee a reality.

The stainless steel body and Bakelite construction will serve you for decades.

BELLMAN ESPRESSO & STEAMER – CX 25P FEATURES Easy Stovetop Espresso – Brew rich, creamy espresso on gas, electric, ceramic and most induction cooktops with this simple brewer. Attached Pressure Gauge – Tells you exactly when it’s time to pull your espresso shots and when the brewing is complete. Cafe-Style Milk Steaming – Create silky, creamy steamed milk like a barista using the cafe-style steam wand. Durable Construction – Made with 18/8 stainless steel and durable bakelite for decades of use. Campsite Ready – Light, portable, and great for campsite coffee. 3-9 Serves – Brews anywhere from 3-9 espressos. Latest Model – Version 2 with updated Pressure Gauge. THE SPECIFICS Materials: 18/8 Stainless Steel, Durable Bakelite Dimensions: 17 × 21.5 × 20.5cm Brews: 3, 6, or 9 Cup Capacity Compatible: Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Campfire, Induction (must be suitable for 304 grade stainless).

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