Espresso Coffee Bottomless Portafilter 54mm for Breville (Sage) Coffee Machine

AED150 Incl. tax
Product Info:
  • Bottomless (Naked Portafilter)
  • Perfectly works with Breville / Sage Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch
  • 54 mm Bottomless Portafilter (Naked Portafilter) For Breville / Sage 870/878/880 Barista Express, Barista Touch, Barista Pro Coffee machines
Product Details:
  • NRP Replacement Naked Portafilter; 3 Ears Designed Handle included A 54 mm Filter Basket, 2-shot
  • Great for observing the details of making 1-2 shot of espresso. The Filter Basket is Unpressurized
  • It will provide you with immediate feedback and can see if channeling occurs right away. Extracting directly from basket to cup leaves more crema intact.
  • The smooth black plastic handle can be unscrew. If you want to deep clean the filter basket & steel case, Remember to take off this plastic handle first.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check with your old portafilter’s size before purchases. Make sure your Espresso Machine is using the 3 ears portafilter handle, and the filter basket is 54mm by diameter !!!

The NRP 54mm naked portafilter that include 2 shot filter basket. Great for observing your process of making a shot of espresso. Issues such as under- or overdosing, inconsistent or incorrect grind size, uneven tamp pressure, or unevenly distributed grinds, can all cause improper extraction.

The portafilter’s handle is detachable. you can unscrew it when you need to deep clear the filter holder (metal parts). Please Note! this Portafilter is 3 ears Designed. if your espresso is using 51/58 mm (or made of 2 ears) portafilter. that mean this one won’t fits on your model.

One of the most common visible signs that you’re experiencing extraction issues is through channeling (or spurting), which cannot be seen with a standard spouted portafilter. Exposing the bottom of your portafilter basket will allow you to witness these extraction issues first hand, providing an opportunity to diagnose and improve the quality of your shots.

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