Eureka Atom Specialty 75 Espresso Grinder

AED4,538 AED4,777 Incl. tax Sale
  • Silent Technology
  • “High Speed” Grind Dispersion
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
  • ACE System
  • “High Speed” Maintenance
  • All-Purpose Adjustable “Hands-Free” Fork

The Eureka Atom 75 is an espresso-focused all-purpose home coffee grinder with 75mm flat stainless steel burrs. This grinder uses a digital timed dosing system, micrometric stepless adjustment, and a hands-free portafilter holder.

Who is it for?

The home barista who will accept nothing short of café-quality. However, that doesn’t mean your home has to sound like a café. You’ve likely owned a smaller burr grinder and can taste the noticeable difference between an entry-level grinder and the shots of your local coffee shop. While you want to close that gap, you do have standards. You’ll need a grinder that’s quiet, has satisfying controls, precise grind adjustment, and is dead simple to clean.

Why do we have it?

Balancing power with home-friendliness and good looks is something we spend a lot of time thinking about around here. So has Eureka. And with the Atom 75, they’ve shown their commitment to pushing that envelope. There isn’t another 75mm burr grinder that will even suggest it’s anything close to quiet. While the Atom 75’s impressive near-silence may be one of its most compelling features, it could very well compete without it. Eureka’s patented grind adjustment system makes precise or sweeping adjustments enjoyable and simple. You can even remove its upper burr to clean the chamber without losing your setting. If you want some of the best flat burr espresso money can buy with all the modern conveniences one could want, the Atom 75 should top your shortlist.

BURRS Type: Flat Diameter: 75 mm Material: Hardened steel


Display: Yes (coloured)

Dose counter: Yes

Spotlight on filter holder: Yes

Traction: Direct
Rpm: 1400
Power: 800 watt
Feeding: Single phase

Available versions: Electronic
Stepless micrometric adjustment: Yes
Bean hopper capacity: 1.4 kg
Productivity (g/s): 4.5 – 5.5

H:570 mm X W:185 mm X D:227 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg

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