Jibbi jug Warrior X-Men Milk Pitcher, Gold

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Product Info:

The Warrior x men is a mutant of Magician body and Warrior spout. The weight is at 180g is great for all basic patterns that use pushing technique.

  • Whilst all care is taken to ensure that every milk pitcher is produced to precise standards, we can not in any way guarantee any blemishes (Material mark  inside of the milk pitcher) with respect to internal polishing of the milk pitcher itself.
  • As promised, the Jibbi jug milk pitcher is designed to assist on the pouring of milk and latte art patterns, and any minor blemish (marks) caused by standard polishing does not in any way affect the intended purpose.
  • Understandably you may have concerns that Scratches/ Laser Marks might in someway cause contamination, but we are confident that such scratches/ marks are merely cosmetic and in no way toxic.
  • ​There is a Alignment mark (tiny small dots) on exterior at the top of handle area , this tool is used to control the best alignment, Unfortunately, this marks can not be eliminated in Polished Color coating Method.
Product Details:
  • The medium weight help to set the pattern down easily and flight with thick creama. Suitable for Killing all Basic Patterns for Beginners who have less latteart skills.
  • The wider and Super longer pointy spout will help to reach the surface easier.
  • 8-10 oz cup size. Dark roast/ Thick Crema / Gassy coffee Drawing / advance patterns is possible but recommend in 8-10 oz cup Comparison with a Magician Same body/ 180g weight/ shape.
  • Pointier/ wider spout compare to a Magician.
  • Leaves size will be wider compare to a Magician.

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