La Marzocco GS3 Mp 01 Group

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The La Marzocco GS3 MP is amongst the best commercial coffee machines for home use. With its double stainless steel boilers, adjustable temperature controls and programmable water flow it promises commercial grade performance for home use. This version features the flow control thanks to a valve situated above the group head that gives you the freedom to manage the pressure flow at any point of the coffee extraction.

La Marzocco

If you are a coffee and car enthusiast like us, then you will understand this comparison: The La Marzocco is the Ferrari of coffee machines. Striking looks mixed with the ultimate engineering precision is what makes these brands the most recognizable in their respective industries. The La Marzocco GS3 MP is the clear example of what happens when one of the most renewed brands in the coffee world produces the ultimate coffee machine for home use. If you want the best for your kitchen, then there is hardly any other coffee machine that can match the GS3 MP.

The La Marzocco GS3 MP is a dual stainless steel boiler monster of a machine, with a 3.5 L steam boiler and a 1.5 L brew boiler, both controlled by a PID system. Feeding these big boilers is an equally big 3.5 L water tank or direct line water connection. The water is sucked by an incredibly silent and powerful rotatory pump for stable water pressure at all times.

The newest models feature also a new double walled steam wand with the internal pipes in stainless steel instead of plastics to have a powerful steam able to create a wonderful microfoam. The group head also assures top class coffee shots thanks to a saturated group for consistent water flow across the group. To extract the coffee, La Marzocco fitted a paddle that gradually releases pressure as you turn it giving you the choice on how much pressure to release at any point of the coffee extraction. Every coffee shot can be personalized at your own choice, allowing you to decide the pre-infusion time and the extraction time with incredible precision.


Pressure profiling: the paddle fitted in the group head controls a valve that gives you the absolute freedom to choose which pressure flow is the most suitable for your coffee. On the top of the group head there is a manometer that will show you the real-time pressure of the group at all times during the coffee extraction.

Quality: the quality and attention to detail of this machine is comparable to no one else. Quality is always pricy and it’s no coincidence that the GS3 is one of the most expensive out there. However, we reckon that is money extremely well spent if you consider the prestige and satisfaction of owning one.

Things to Consider

Requires Space: 8,5 L between the boilers and the water tank does mean quite a large coffee machine to fit, especially in small kitchens.

No programmable profiling: the machine is operated entirely through manual profiles meaning you won’t be able to program any profiles.

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