Mazzer Super Jolly Coffee grinder

AED4,541 AED4,780 Incl. tax Sale
2-5 Weeks upon post payment

Grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium consumption.
Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.

Available in the following versions:
MANUAL: with manual switch
TIMER: with timer switch
AUTOMATIC: with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full

Professionally serviced, used Mazzer Super Jolly coffee grinder is fitted with a new bean hopper and its housing painted in the original, matt gray or royal blue.

Mazzer grinders are a classic that stands out from the competition. Even the most demanding baristas can appreciate these appliances. The solid and sturdy built of the Mazzer Super Jolly series allows for failure-free, long-lasting operation. The housing is covered with a durable varnish and matt finish. In addition, both the operation of the grinder and the grinding process itself are straightforward and effortless. Just place your favorite coffee beans in the hopper, select the grinding thickness and start the grinder. The ground coffee thickness can be set with the ring located under the hopper. The ground coffee goes to the manual dispenser. By moving the lever located under the dispenser, pour the ground coffee into the portafilter or another container. The grinder grinds the coffee until it is manually switched off.

Mazzer’s Super Jolly series are the perfect grinders for cafes and restaurants of medium traffic. However, due to their reliable operation and timeless look, they will also work great at home. The Super Jolly is a great addition to every coffee lover’s kitchen.

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