Nuova Simonelli Appia Life XT 2 Gr Volumetric White

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Made by Nuova Simonelli’s team of experts in Italy, combines excellent build quality and incredible performance. It is reliable, durable and consistent. All a busy coffee wants from an espresso machine. It’s ergonomic, barista friendly design also makes it easy to use.

The XT is a new Appia Life version with TFT display that grants a better user experience showing the most important data about dose program, counters, cleaning, setting buttons, and display brightness.

  • Dose program allows the barista to program the dose for each group.
  • Display and buttons brightness can be adjusted for sunny or rainy days.
  • Counters communicate how many times each group dispensed coffee.
  • Reverse mirror on the backplate so the barista can monitor every aspect of the brewing process.
  • SIS (soft infusion systems) reduces the importance of proper tamping techniques for better drink consistency.
  • Automatic cleaning process in which the barista can use the digital display to select the desired group or groups to be cleaned with an alarm feature.
Optional Add On’s

Auto-Steam Wand: Like the Gooseneck Wand this modification replaces the manual steam handles with a button. However, Auto-steam requires no input from the barista to texture the milk. The barista can simply place the wand in the pitcher of milk and the Auto-Steam Wand will do the rest.

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