Piccolo/Cortado Glass Cups 125ml

AED10 Incl. tax
Product Info:

This Piccolo/Cortado designed as per the prevailing industry standards, it scores high on the aspect of utility. The quality material used in its construction makes it durable.

Product Details:

This is the same cortado glass used at the top coffee shops all around the country. Originating at San Francisco’s Blue Bottle, the cortado is a 4.5oz espresso drink with milk textured as a latte, this drink epitomizes the third wave coffee movement. This  4.5oz glass is the original and the most popular glass for the drink. With paneled sides and octagonal design, this glass is built for beautiful aesthetics as well as functionality. Thanks to a special thermal after-process applied to the top portion of the glass, you can rest assured that it has exceptional durability to match its looks! The cup is designed to increase the glass’s resistance to mechanical and thermal shock while also making it safer to use.

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