Rocket Espresso R60V Espresso Machine

AED13,670 AED14,390 Incl. tax Sale
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy
  • Programmable Pressure Profiling
  • Dual Stainless Steel Boilers
  • PID Controlled

The Rocket R 60V is majestic. the machine is from Rocket Espresso, it is expected that it would be loaded with features. The engineers from Rocket are up to the challenge and that is how they came up with the R60V. Here are some of the features that should get you excited about the R60V:

  1. It brings the beautiful, sleek look and functionality of a professional machine into your kitchen.
  2. The Rocket R 60V is a state-of-the-art machine that lets you make as close to professional espresso as you are going to get without purchasing a commercial machine.
  3. And it has a Wi-Fi that you can control with an app – there isn’t anything else on the market like that.

Pressure Profiling At Its Finest – The Rocket R60V has a unique pressure profiling system. This machine allows users to fine tune pump pressure over the course of extraction. Using a five step approach, extraction is split into 5 different time intervals allowing different amounts of pressure to be programmed in each. The end product is a highly customized shot of espresso.

Similar to commercial machines, the R60 can be plumbed directly to your water source. If this doesnt tickle your fancy, the R60 also contains a 2.5 liter water reservoir. With this, the machine will automatically extract water when the primary tank is low increasing the amount of time and shots you can extract.

Dual Stainless Steel Boilers – 1.8 liters and .58 liters. Made of stainless steel. Each boiler serves its own purpose – one responsible for brewing, the other steaming.

Rotary Pump Pressure Profile System – Quieter than ever, the R60V comes complete with with a commercial grade rotary pump.

Shot Timer – This system is essential to bringing out the full flavors and aromas from your beans. The R60V will properly and evenly douse your coffee grounds to ensure an even, flawless extraction.

Rocket Espresso Communication Pod – Programmable from the included controller or smartphone app, the R60V can be turned on or off, boiler temperature adjusted, switch between tank and direct line plumbing and more – all remotely.


Handcrafted in Italy – All Rocket Espresso machines are handcrafted in Italy to perfection. With attention to detail and care, the team of craftsmen carefully construct each machine in Milan.

Smart Espresso – Aside from commercial capabilities, the R60 is controllable with the included controller or smartphone app. Controllable features include brew pressure, temperature and more.

Full Stainless Steel Chasis – The Rocket Espresso R60V is wrapped in a stainless steel casing and built on a heavy duty all stainless steel frame work. It has angled steam and hot water taps for better ergonomics, a built in holder for the included PID controller – with shot count down timer – and new Rocket badging.

Stainless Steel Cup Frame, new to the R60V is the integrated stainless steel cup frame replacing the previous plastic one. This features curved lines while draped in stainless steel guaranteed to draw endless compliments from the crowd. Only thing better than its looks is the espresso it makes!


  • 310 x 440 x 390* mm (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 29.5 kg

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