Sanremo CUBE Absolute Compact Professional Coffee Machine

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With WiFi technology and the CUBE app you can control your machine from your phone! Including:

  • Remote machine on/off
  • Set-up boiler temperature for CUBE_R
  • Manage water tank level
  • Show shot time in real time
  • Statistics: daily, weekly and monthly counters for coffee and water consumption.
  • Weekly scheduler to program up to three different “time slot” per day to fit perfectly around your life!

CUBE is our new semi-professional one-group model. Offering a great choice for domestic use and branding for the professional market, the CUBE follows in the footprints of the iconic Cafe Racer with the endless possibilities for colors and customizations. In its simplicity CUBE allows replicating the beloved bar espresso or cappuccino with the perfect emulsion anywhere. Design and technology are combined in many different ways that make this machine ideal for home living, offices and shops, a hotel room… wherever you are.

The CUBE is our most compact coffee machine to date. But beneath its minimal exterior lies the technology and power you would expect from any Sanremo machine. It has both style, and serious substance.

CUBE ABSOLUTE is the simplest and most minimal solution to curing your coffee needs.

Additional features

–       E61 Thermosiphon group

–       Mechanical pre-infusion

–       Vibration pump

–       Line/pump pressure gauge

–       Boiler pressure gauge

–       Removable drip tray

–       Stainless steel cup frame

–       Adjustable legs

–       Electronic diagnostic for fault decision

–       1.9 L Boiler Capacity

–       (w x d x h) – 32.3 cm x 46.5 cm x 36.9 cm, 22.7 kg

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