Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit 3 Gr Volumetric Espresso Machine

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The White Eagle inherits and transmits sober, elegant, and innovative style, the comfort for the barista, the reliability and precision of the technologies applied, as well as sustainability. The White Eagle is projected towards the future of espresso coffee. In it, aesthetic qualities and advanced technologies blend with the tradition of a brand that has marked the entire history of espresso coffee.

Delivery: 4-5 Weeks upon post payments.
Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digital Features

This machine was built to incorporate some of the newest technology in the industry. The controls on the White Eagle fuse aesthetics with functionality; its unique petal-like push-button panel is positioned to make every gesture made by the operator both simple and intuitive, just as the innovative Steam Power Control system that enables the barista to open and close the steam wand with a simple flip of the lever.

  • Volumetric dosing allows 4 doses to be programmed per head.
  • Shot timer built-in function so each brewing head can be timed independently without the need for an external timer.
  • Automatic cleaning allows independent cleaning of each individual group so that washing and taking orders can be carried out simultaneously.
  • Energy-saving can be programmed to turn the machine on and off at any time desired.
  • Reverse mirror so that the barista can watch the filter output without bending down.
  • Cool touch steam lever is thermally insulated for a safe and easy way to clean.
  • SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees soft and creamy espresso extractions every time. It does this by monitoring pressure in the system and gradually increases this pressure as the extraction process continues. A process that is extremely important when you are looking for the best possible cup.
Optional Add On’s

Temperature Controlled Gooseneck Wand: A useful device that replaces one of your manual steam handles with a button. Once pressed the steam wand reads the temperature of the milk, the barista then textures the milk by moving the pitcher, when the milk reaches the desired (set) temperature the steam automatically turns off, leading to a more consistent drink and less burnt milk.

Auto-Steam Wand: This modification replaces the manual steam handles with a button. However, Auto-steam requires no input from the barista to texture the milk. The barista can simply place the wand in the pitcher of milk and the Auto-Steam Wand will do the rest.

Pod Kit Adaptor: For easy coffee production.

Chrome: The chrome color is available at an additional cost. The standard color is black and white, if available, at no additional cost.

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