Electric Brew Coffee Grinder – Flat Burrs

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  • Best Grinder for Filter Coffee i.e V60, Chemex, Siphon, Cold Brew, French Press.
  • 8 Levels Adjustment: Our automatic burr mill grinder has eight levels of thickness adjustment. The larger the number, the coarser the ground, the smaller the number, the finer the grinding, which can adjust freely according to needs.
  • Easy Switch Operation: The electric coffee grinder is set by a switch. Just press the switch button lightly, the machine starts to work, which is very convenient. Press the reset button, and you can resume use, no need to replace the fuse.
  • Sturdy Base Construction: The bottom of the electric automatic coffee grinder is a non-slip and waterproof design, with an extra height of 1 cm rubber bottom, sturdy and durable. During operation, it will keep stable and not shaking.
  • Durable Disc: This coffee bean powder grinding machine has a disc made of stainless steel. The blade is a rugged steel knife, which can increase the grinding speed and grinding uniformity in low noise, better retain the original aroma of the coffee.
  • Considerate Design: The transparent funnel can check the grinding process at any time, and the detachable design is convenient for cleaning. The grinding container is in retro style, also suitable for grinding other dry grains. The brush is convenient for cleaning, and the coffee spoon is excellent for taking coffee beans.
  • Best Grinder for Filter Coffee i.e V60, Chemex, Siphon, Cold Brew, French Press.
  • TASTE: Grind beans quickly, and during the process, it is not easily heat up, so the taste of coffee won’t be affected.
  • WITH A SPECIAL MOTOR: High performance and high efficiency, to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the grinder, and the sound of the grinder is very low.
  • DIRECTLY POUR IN THE BEANS: High-quality steel knife, do not worry about the problem of stuck beans, do not need to turn on first, directly pour in and grind beans.
  • 8 GEAR REGULATION: There are up to 8 gears for adjusting the thickness and fineness, 1 is the finest and 8 is the thickest, which caters to the various needs of all coffee lovers.
  • ANTI-JUMPING BEANS HOPPER: The anti-jumping bean design of bean bin can avoid the problem of beans flying out during grinding.

 Scale adjustment above number represents the thickness of coffee powder, 0 for the finest coffee powder while 8 for the thickest coffee powder.

  1. Adjust the scale to the desired number
  2. Open the power to start motor
  3. Put the coffee beans in the funnel
  4. Cover lid

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