Anfim SP II Plus Espresso Grinder

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  • Electronic On Demand Coffee Grinder: perfect for high-volume cafes.
  • Burr type: 75mm Titanium coated Flat.
  • Upgraded dual fan system reduces both heat and noise emission.
  • Grind coffee for a single dose of espresso in 2.2 seconds.
  • Stepless grinding adjustment mechanism.
  • Can grind up to 5-6 kg beans daily easily.
  • Color: White

The Anfim SP II Plus Coffee Grinder is the perfect solution for high-volume cafes in search of quality and efficiency in every serve of coffee. It works on ‘Grind On Demand’ principle to deliver grounds directly into the portafilter immediately. The Anfim features 75mm Titanium coated burrs, which creates an even particle distribution that results in high extractions in the cup. Also, the customized coating ensures minimal wear and tear, which is paired with a dual cooling fan system, upgraded to 55 IP (Ingression Property); the best quality available to stabilize the cooling of the internal temperature of the entire grinder. Further, it can grind beans fast enough to provide a single dose for espresso in 2.2 seconds. Plus, the burrs can handle up to 5-6 kg per day easily, which combined with large beans hopper (2kg), helps provide fresh coffee grounds all day.

It has a very simple functionality; push the portafilter against the activation button to grind and let go to stop. Selecting single or double dose is easy thanks to the touch panel. The integrated electronic timer and multifunctional display allows you to control dosing for both single and double shot. Adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second, it ensures consistent and exact dosing necessary for a constant pour time and perfect taste in the cup. Further, you can easily adjust the grind size with the stepless grind adjustment to suit your preference. Also possible to run the grinder manually by pushing the Barista Mode switch.

Instead of mechanical start/stop activation, this grinder comes with a highly durable proximity sensor which stays unaffected by even the most intense use and environmental conditions. Also, the rear panel is removable allowing easy access to the internals and cooling fans. And the grinder comes with two safety cut-out switches located under the hopper and behind the exit spout, which helps in simplifying the maintenance process.

How to use this coffee grinder:
  • Fill the bean hopper with fresh roasted coffee beans.
  • Open the hopper slide.
  • Adjust the grind size using the stepless grinding adjustment pin.
  • Select single or double dose on the touch panel. (Refer the manual to know about setting the dosing time.)
  • Insert porta-filter and then push against activation switch to start grinding cycle.
  • Take the portafilter away from the button and the resting stand to stop grinding.
Care and Use:
  • In order to get the best performance, it is necessary to check the grinding and the dosage regularly.
  • Do not immerse the coffee grinder in water and/or other liquids.
  • Regular cleaning once a week helps to preserve the unique aroma and taste of your espresso. It helps avoid accumulation of oils and coffee dust in the hopper and on the grinder.
  • Disconnect the coffee grinder from the mains before cleaning.
  • Use dry soft cloth to clean the empty hopper and grinder housing.

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