Nuova Simonelli – Appia Life XT 2 Group Volumetric

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The Appia Life Volumetric is the ideal machine for baristas looking for amazingly consistent coffee. Being volumetric this machine allows baristas to program desired volumes and consistently pull shots at that volume throughout the day. Because the barista no longer has to monitor each and every shot, they are given precious time to interact with customers or perhaps begin another order. This machine ideal for a number of cafés and setups, perfect for medium to high volume locations.

Appia Life XT Features

The XT is a new Appia Life version with TFT display that grants a better user experience showing the most important data about dose program, counters, cleaning, setting buttons, and display brightness.

  • Dose program allows the barista to program the dose for each group.
  • Display and buttons brightness can be adjusted for sunny or rainy days.
  • Counters communicate how many times each group dispensed coffee.
  • Reverse mirror on the backplate so the barista can monitor every aspect of the brewing process.
  • SIS (soft infusion systems) reduces the importance of proper tamping techniques for better drink consistency.
  • Automatic cleaning process in which the barista can use the digital display to select the desired group or groups to be cleaned with an alarm feature.
Optional Add On’s

Auto-Steam Wand: Like the Gooseneck Wand this modification replaces the manual steam handles with a button. However, Auto-steam requires no input from the barista to texture the milk. The barista can simply place the wand in the pitcher of milk and the Auto-Steam Wand will do the rest.

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August 26, 2022


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